Help Us Grow:

All Stars London is a UK registered charity (No. 1171889). We operate at the grassroots, staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by the generous support of individual donors

All funds raised pay directly for producing our events and programmes, as well as outreach to even more young people across East London.

Please support our work by giving at any level - thank you!

in 2019, we launched the founders circle campaign, made up of supporters who are helping to build our work with major donations.

Over the three years from 2019 to 2021, All Stars London is initiating a plan for growth that will see us double the number of Talent Show cycles we produce each year, increase the numbers of young performers we work with, and expand into new neighbourhoods that can benefit from our work.

Members of the Founders Circle are helping to support that growth with major donations that help us plan in the long-term.

We are grateful to acknowledge those who have supported us so far:

  • Graham Mather CBE

  • Jeremy Young

  • EY Foundation

Thanks to the Founders Circle, we will solidify All Stars operations: hiring more venues, paying for travel costs and providing salaries  (for the first time) to our dedicated team of organisers.

For more information about joining, please follow the link below.